7 Charging mistakes that are damaging your phone battery

The way you charge your phone can negatively or positively affect it’s battery life.

On average, your phone battery has a lifespan of 1000 charging cycles till it gets weak. Yes, your battery draws closer to its old-age with every single charge it gets, giving you a strong-lasting battery for a year or two.

This means the way you charge your phone plays a big role in the “long-lasting” battery factor.

In this post, I’ll tell you 7 common charging mistakes you make that are killing your battery unknown to you.

1. Waiting for the battery to die before recharging

Lets imagine your phone battery is human.

It keeps working non-stop without taking any breaks, until it’s unable to move.

Can your body handle such pressure?

Would you wait till you are completely drained out of energy before taking a break?

This will only weaken your body over time.

Same thing can be said about your phone battery.

Waiting for it to get low weakens your battery performance very quickly.

It’s a good practice to let it reach at least 15-20% before recharging.

On the other hand, you should only let your phone battery die once a month. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Using foreign chargers

It’s tempting to use fast chargers, because they make your phone charge faster. likewise using fake chargers, because you are looking for something cheap.

I recommend you only use the phone charger given to you by its manufacturer, because they have calculated the amount of energy required to charge your phone properly, hence increasing the battery life.

The only expection is if the foreign charger matches your manufacturer’s charger in terms of volts (v) and ampere (mA or A).

3. Storing your Backup phone with low battery

Do you have more than one phone?

If yes, you most likely value one over the others or you use the other one less often.

It’s best you leave the battery at 50% before storing away.

Leaving it at anything lesser than 50% is like telling you to run a marathon after waking up from the dead.

Lastly, if you leave your battery at 0% for a very long time, it would die completely and never come on again.

4. Using third-party battery apps

You must have come across apps that claim to help “charge your phone faster” .

Quite the opposite. These apps kill your battery because they are constantly running in the background, forcefully killing apps, and displaying ads on the lock screen or wherever.

You don’t need an app to charge your phone fast. If you needed it, your device manufacturer will include it for you.

5. Using your phone while it’s charging

It’s like working while resting at the same.

Work and rest don’t go well together.

Using your phone while it’s charging only makes it hot and stresses the battery.

Things like playing music in the background or sharing hotspot while charging at the same time also heat your phone, even if you do it while the screen is off.

Temperature above 35°c (95°F) is not safe for your phone as it only damages the battery, plus it could explode in the long run.

Also, avoid keeping your phone in hot places, and remember to remove your phone pouch before charging.

6. Constant recharge

Let your phone battery get used up till at least 70% before recharging, as constant charging slowly affects your smartphone’s battery life.

7. Charging a wet phone

If your phone recently entered water or got wet, don’t charge the phone until you are sure that it’s completely dry.

Charging a wet phone will short circuit your phone and burn many important parts of the phone.

Learn how to save your phone from water damage.


In conclusion, taking good care of your phone’s battery will increase its lifespan. 

Avoid common charging mistakes that can damage your phone’s battery, such as overcharging, using an incompatible charger, or exposing your device to excessive heat. 

These mistakes can significantly degrade the performance of your battery and shorten its lifespan. 

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        • Playing music consumes little battery, and consumes more if you use your loudspeaker or Bluetooth for it, even if the screen is off.

          Hotspot is even worse. It consumes more battery than if you were just browsing on the phone itself.

          In summary, they both affect battery life.


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