How to properly test run your Android device

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow guide to help you properly test your Android Device?

Testing your new smartphone is important because you wouldn’t want to buy a fake or bad product.

Older phones need testing as well, to troubleshoot phone issues whenever it starts giving faults.



In this post, I’ll show you the step-by-step process to test your Android Smartphone either manually or with an App to discover any hidden faults.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Sim card and SD card Test

Put a working Sim and Memory card into the device to test if it supports and displays them without any problems.

For the Memory card, move, copy, delete and send files to the SD card to ensure it is fully supported.

For the sim, make sure it has an internet subscription and airtime. Use it to make calls, send texts and browse the internet. 

2. Charger and Battery Test

Use the charger provided by the manufacturer, to charge the device a little, while making sure the battery percentage keeps going up. Do this even as you are using the device.

Don’t forget to test the battery(unplugged) to be sure it lasts properly, as all new devices should.



3. Verify IMEI

On the back of your phone, you should see an IMEI ( a 15 digit identification number given to all phones ), two if the phone supports two sims.

If it’s not on the back, go to your phone dialer then input *#06#. This will display the IMEI number of the phone.

Compare that with the IMEI attached to the phone pack.

If the numbers match, you are ready to move to the next step.

4. Network and Connectivity Test

Turn on your Bluetooth, hotspot, wi-fi, and the internet connection and use them as you would normally use your phone.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network, Share network with your hotspot, connect to the internet and also share files, pair to other devices with your Bluetooth.

5. Camera Test

Open your camera app to test if the camera’s megapixel matches the one stated by your manufacturer.



In the camera app, go to settings, move to the camera section, the select picture size. Make sure the highest picture size there matches the one on the phone pack.

Note: Make sure you run this test for the front and back camera. To do this, switch to the camera you want to check before going to the settings.

Use your device to take multiple shots, shots for both dark and light areas.

Also test your camera flash light to make sure it is bright enough.

6. Verify Android version

To be sure you got the Android version the manufacturer promised, go to Settings>About phone or for my case Settings>My Phone.

You should see the android version installed on the phone.

7. Apps and Games and Test

Download your regular Apps or games to see if they run properly.

Depending on the specifications of your smartphone, you will experience occasional lags here and there.



Just make sure the App or Game doesn’t crash or misbehave while using it.

8. Testing your phone’s performance using an App

Test your phones performance to make sure it works well and matches the specifications you see on the phone pack.

You can use an Android Testing app like Device Info.

Device Info is a simple app that lets you check out your phone’s hardware and see if everything is working as it should.

Get the app from playstore (Device Info).

After downloading and opening the app, you will be taking to the dashboard.

Go to the “Test” section and run Automatic Tests.



Click to enter the Test area
Click “Automatic Tests” to start testing your phone
Test results

After the test, you will see recommendations or faulty hardware in your smartphone.


Doing it manually or with the App is up to you, but I highly recommend testing your phone both ways to get a very accurate result.

After following the steps listed above, you can finally tell if your device is in good working condition or not.

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